Board Archive

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Board Emeritus

Hon. Edward Clark Clifton
Justice, Superior Court of Rhode Island (Retired)
Providence, RI 

Hon. Frederick P. Horn 
Supervising Judge, Civil and Complex Divisions
Santa Ana, CA  

Hon. Clarance J. Jones
Senior Judge (retired)
Sarasota, FL  

L. Dew Kaneshiro, Esq. 
LDK Consulting
Waipahu, HI  

Hon. Marilyn Kelly
Justice, Michigan Supreme Court (Retired)
Bloomfield Hills, MI 

Yolande P. Marlow, Ph.D.,

Manager, Minority Concerns Unit
Trenton, NJ 

Hon. Veronica Simmons McBeth 
Judge Pro Tem, Superior Court
Los Angeles, CA  

Hon. Ronald T. Y. Moon
Chief Justice (retired), Supreme Court of Hawai’i
Honolulu, HI 

Elizabeth Neeley, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Nebraska State Bar Association 
Lincoln, NE 

Hon. Patricio M. Serna
Justice, Supreme Court of New Mexico (Retired)
Santa Fe, NM  

Hon. Charles Z. Smith
Justice (retired), Washington State Supreme Court 
Seattle, WA  

Hon. Max N. Tobias, Jr.
Judge, Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit
New Orleans, LA