Board Archive

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Bylaws Committee
Judge Edward C. Clifton, Chair
John Douglas
Judge Frederick P. Horn
L. Dew Kaneshiro, Esq.
Justice Yvonne Lewis
Justice Patricio M. Serna
Justice Charles Z. Smith (retired)
Lisette M. McCormick, Esq.

Education Committee (Roll Call of States)
Elizabeth “Liz” Neeley, Ph.D., Chair
Karl A. Doss, Esq.
Judge Frederick P. Horn
Lisette “Mimi” McCormick, Esq.

National Campaign to Ensure the Racial and Ethnic Fairness of America's State Courts
(Warren Project)

Judge Clarance J. Jones (retired)
L. Dew Kaneshiro, Esq.
Justice Marilyn Kelly

Nomination Committee

Scholarship Committee

Site Committee

Website Committee
Erica S. Chung, Chair