Denise Hollingsworth, DAG

Denise Hollingsworth is a Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General has worked on a myriad of important initiatives including policy driven issues around sexual assault, victims’ services and juvenile concerns. More recently, she collaborates on community-based crime prevention strategies to reduce truancy, delinquency and violence through youth development policy boards in Trenton, Newark, Asbury Park, and a number of other municipalities. Denise is a SAMHSA Trauma Informed Response Trainer and also trains on Human Trafficking Awareness.

She spent the majority of her career in private practice as a commercial litigator and risk manager in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia. Hollingsworth received her Bachelors of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and her Juris Doctor from Villanova School of Law.

Holingsworth is Vice-President of the Board of Crossroads Programs, a provider of housing and related services to at-risk teens in New Jersey and provides leadership for other youth targeted community based organizations as well.