Jennifer Elek, Ph.D.

Jennifer K. Elek, Ph.D., is a Court Research Associate with the National Center for State Courts. Since joining the NCSC in May 2010, her work has focused on improving state judicial performance evaluation programs; on educating the court community about implicit forms of racial and gender bias and how such biases may influence judgment, decision-making, and behavior; on examining risk and needs assessment (RNA) tools appropriate for use with general populations of adult felony offenders; and on the use of RNA information as a component of an evidence-based approach to sentencing. Dr. Elek is currently directing a project funded by the State Justice Institute to develop a framework to support judicial professional development activities in a partnering state. She recently directed a project completed for the Missouri Bar to explore potential improvements to the state judicial performance evaluation program and co-organized an international workshop on evaluating judicial performance in Onati, Spain. Dr. Elek was also the interim director of a project designed to identify all problem-solving courts nationwide and has staffed projects to evaluate and provide technical assistance to mental health and reentry court programs. She has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.