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Board of Directors

Hon. Susan F. Maven, J.S.C. , President/Moderator  
New Jersey Superior Court
Atlantic City, NJ

Hon. Scott M. Bernstein
Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit
Chair, Florida Supreme Court Standing Committee on Fairness & Diversity
Miami, FL

Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby
Chief Judge, District of Columbia Court of Appeals
Washington, DC

Hon. Richard Blake
Chief Tribal Judge, Hoopa Valley Tribe
Hoopa, CA

Hon. Tanya M. Bransford
Judge, Fourth Judicial District
Minneapolis, MN

Erica S. Chung  
Partner, GreenShoots Consulting
Seattle, WA

Gregory P. Conyers  
Director of Diversity, State Bar of Michigan
Lansing, MI

Hon. Cynthia D. Davis
Executive Director, Mississippi Judicial College (Retired)
Springfield, LA

Hon. Kenneth V. Desmond, Jr.
Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court
Boston, MA

Hon. Donovan J. Foughty  
Judge, Northeast Judicial District
Ramsey County Courthouse
Devils Lake, ND

Hon. Veronica Alicia Galvin
King County Superior Court
Seattle, WA

H. Clifton Grandy, Esq., Coordinator/Secretary/Treasurer
Senior Court Manager, District of Columbia Courts
Washington, DC

Hon. Deadra L. Jefferson
South Carolina Delegate to the National Consortium
Circuit Judge, Circuit Courts of South Carolina
Charleston County Judicial Center
Charleston, SC

Hon. Verna G. Leath, J.S.C.
Judge, State of New Jersey Superior Court, 5th Vicinage
Veterans Court House
Newark, NJ

Lisette McCormick, Esq.
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Interbranch Commission for Gender, Racial and Ethnic Fairness
Pittsburgh, PA

Aura Newlin 
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, Northwest College
Board Secretary, Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation
Powell, WY

Kimberley Taylor Riley, Esq.
Commissioner, Civilian Oversight Board
St. Louis, MO

Hon. Richard Rivera
Judge, Albany Family Court
Albany, NY

James E. Williams, Jr., Esq.
Public Defender (retired), Chatham and Orange Counties (District 158)
Chair of the North Carolina Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Courts
Hillsborough, NC

Advisory Board

Aime Alonzo-Serrano, J.D.
Maplewood, NJ

Hon. Margaret H. Church
Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
St. Paul, MN

Hon. Shauna Graves-Robertson
Presiding Judge, Salt Lake County Justice Court
Salt Lake City, UT

Hon. Emanuella Groves
Judge, Cleveland Municipal Court
Cleveland, OH

Shirley Ann Higuchi, Esq.
Associate Executive Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, American Psychological Association
Chair, Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation
Washington, DC

Caryn L. Hines, Esq.
Silver Spring, MD

Tonnya K. Kohn, Esq.
State Court Administrator, South Carolina Judicial Branch
Columbia, SC

Hon. Melissa Long
Judge, Superior Court of Rhode Island
Providence, RI

Board Emeritus

Hon. Edward Clark Clifton
Justice, Superior Court of Rhode Island (Retired)
Providence, RI

Hon. Robert Benham
Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia (Retired)
Atlanta, GA

Karl A. Doss, Esq.
Deputy Director Legal Services Corporation of Virginia
Richmond, VA

Hon. Frederick P. Horn
Supervising Judge, Superior Court of California, Orange County (Retired)
Santa Ana, CA

Hon. Clarance J. Jones
Senior Judge,  Superior Court (Retired)
Sarasota, FL  34236

L. Dew Kaneshiro, Esq.
LDK Consulting
Waipahu, HI

Hon. Marilyn Kelly
Justice, Michigan Supreme Court (Retired)
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hon. yvonne lewis
Justice, Supreme Court of New York, Kings County (Retired)
Brooklyn, NY

Yolande P. Marlow, Ph.D.
Manager, Minority Concerns Unit, Administrative Office of the Courts
New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Minority Concerns
Trenton, NJ

Hon. Veronica Simmons McBeth
Judge Pro Tem, Superior Court
Los Angeles, CA

Hon. Ronald T. Y. Moon
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Hawai’i (Retired)
1601 Kamole Street
Honolulu, HI

Elizabeth Neeley, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Nebraska State Bar Association
Lincoln, NE

Hon. Eduardo PadrĂ³
Justice, New York Supreme Court (Retired)
New York, NY

Hon. Patricio M. Serna
Justice, Supreme Court of New Mexico (Retired)
Santa Fe, NM

Hon. Max N. Tobias, Jr.
Judge, Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit (Ret.)
New Orleans, LA

Board Archive

Meeting minutes, information on past Boards, the leadership contact list and more are password-protected. SIGN IN here. For log-on credentials, call Nikiesha Cosby at (757) 259-1841.