Implicit Bias Training

The National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts (National Consortium) provided funding through a State Justice Institute (SJI) grant to present Implicit Bias training to judicial leaders across the nation. The training addressed what Implicit Bias is and how and why it is relevant to courts and the daily administration of justice.

The Implicit Bias training was conducted throughout 14 states from May 2014- Dec 2014. The Implicit Bias Trainers were nationally recognized speakers that provided interactive and thought-provoking information to judges, state court administrators and others.

According to the Implicit Bias Evaluation results, over 70 % of the participants believed the Implicit Bias training was relevant to the courts, and over 85% of the participants stated the trainers were well-prepared.

Final results of the 2014 Implicit Bias Training:

  • Trainers: Kim Papillon, Professor Rachel Godsil, and Dr. Shawn Marsh
  • State Participation: Louisiana, Wyoming, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Ohio, Nebraska, Delaware, Arizona, New York, North Dakota, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Training Data:

  • 15 Implicit Bias sessions were held geographically throughout the United States
  • 14 States hosted and held the Implicit Bias training to educate and bring awareness to the topic
  • 1470 judicial leaders participated nationally
  • 134 viewers participated in the live streaming Implicit Bias training held in Virginia at the National Center for State Courts office