February 2023

New Anti-Bias Handbook from Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Interbranch Commission for Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Fairness is sharing their most recent publication, A Curriculum for Our Times: Anti-Bias Programming for Law Students and Law FacultyThe booklet contains all of the anti-bias programming offered in all nine of Pennsylvania’s law schools.

December 2020

CourtClass Ability to Pay Tutorial

Please watch this new CourtClass Ability to Pay Tutorial from the NCSC Center for Judicial Ethics and/or share with others who might find it helpful. It is a collaborative effort with Fines, Fees, and Bail as well as Community Engagement in the State Courts (Ohio Chief Justice O’Connor and D.C. Chief Judge Blackburne-Rigsby provide brief introductions).  We are finding in our community engagement work that inability to pay fines and fees and fear of the consequences is a common reason for failure to appear and also engenders public trust and confidence issues with the fairness and impartiality of the courts.

The tutorial also provides tips to deal with this issue during the pandemic at a time when marginalized and minority communities are having an especially difficult time making ends meet.  We’ve received very positive feedback so far that this is a very timely, pragmatic, and useful tool in these challenging times.

Best to each of you as the holidays approach,

Hon. Susan F. Maven, President/Moderator
National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts

CourtClass Ability to Pay Tutorial Video

Center for Judicial Ethics Website

September 2020

Book Launch! Setsuko's Secret: Heart Mountain and the Legacy of the Japanese American Incarceration

Author Shirley Ann Higuchi, JD, chair of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation and a member of the NCREFC Advisory Board, uncovers her family's past and embarks on a transformational journey as she learns about the Japanese American incarceration during World War II and what happened to her family and those of other former incarcerees.

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Census 2020. Do Your Part. Be Counted.

The National Consortium, as a member of the "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Collaborative" encourages full participation in the #2020Census. Please share this important and timely message with your family, friends, and constituents. The "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Collaborative" is an organization of judiciary and legal associations that share common goals of promoting access and inclusion in the legal system.

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#Census2020 #BeCounted